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In order to use this site ( you should read and fully agree to the following rules. The use of this website and reservation module, means that you agree to these rules.

The website is owned by SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL and is a commercial website designed for the goods and services provided/ sold by SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL


User – the person who uses the services of this site (viewing, accessing information, browsing, registration, service requests, etc.)

Limited liability – all the data entered by users to an email or placing an order/ booking through is their responsibility, SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL assumes no responsibility for any errors that occur in processing these data.

The content of the website must be treated “as it is” without any kind of warranty, because the content at any certain date can be out-dated. Through this statement the company is limiting their liability regarding any collateral loss or expenses that may be caused by the content of the website.

Links to other website that are present on  can’t be consider our property, in which case we are limiting our liability by the harm that may overcome from using those links, if you choose to use them, you can proceed at your own risk.


SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL guarantees the confidentiality of these data, pledging not to publish, disclose or sell this information without the owner’s consent.

SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL may collect, store and use data user information, which the user gave visiting website (e.g. an application or a registration form, contract, etc.).

These information may include, without limiting to, first name, name, e-mail address, billing address, telephone number, fax number, name and legal form for legal persons, the number of Trade Registry Office, Tax Code, and any other information on how you use the products and services ofSC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL.

User information can be used by SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL only in conjunction to the services and products of SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL, such as drafting contracts, processing orders and requests of the user, offering products and/ or service user, billing (if the user does not have a prepaid service), dealing with requests, questions or claims made by the user, the studies of market and product and marketing products and services of SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL and its distributors, contacting users (including by mail and fax) about products and services offers of SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL, etc.

The following will not be considered confidential or exclusive: comments or any data which we received through the website, including any polls, surveys, questions or suggestions. These materials may be copied, used, transformed and distributed without any restrictions.


The validity of this document is unlimited. SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL  has the right to change the contents of this document at any given time without any further notice, and so customers are asked to consult it regularly. Privacy policy of SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL is in accordance with applicable law.

All users are responsible for their actions on the website, for any illegal or fraudulent activity like trying to obtain personal data from other users of the website, we are reserving our right to inform the competent authorities.


All images on website are property of SC Sebastian Cazare Turism Agrement SRL and copying, reproduction or use of these images for other purposes than merely informative is not permitted without the prior information of the owner.